The suitable MOVAX piling hammer-model is selected based on the soil & site conditions, the excavator and the main dimensions (weight & length) of the piles to be driven. The configuration is then defined by the type of piles.

Excavator (carrier)

The excavator must be suitable – and match – the specific piling hammer in question in regards to hydraulic power (oil flow @ pressure) and have the sufficient handling capacity for stable operation. Thus the excavator brand & model is needed for the correct selection of model.

Mounting options

The same MOVAX piling hammer can be used on different carriers; mounting options include excavator-, MOVAX multi-tool piling leader-, (third party) piling rig- or crane. For the suitability of mounting onto MOVAX mulit-tool piling leaders refer to the Product Catalogue section in question. The suitability of a MOVAX piling hammer for third party piling rig or crane installation shall always be checked by MOVAX. 

Site and soil conditions

Piling hammers are suitable for a wide range of sites and soil conditions (N-values/SPT). In order to make a detailed analysis of the suitability of a MOVAX model for a specific project a soil report is needed.

Type & dimension of piles

In order to select the correct MOVAX model, the type of piles (sheet pile, H-beam, tubular steel pile, precast concrete and/or timber pile) and their dimensions (length, width/depth, OD) are needed. Due to the modular design the same MOVAX piling hammer can used to drive different type of piles.

SELECTION CHART (preliminary) 


PILE SIZE (length/weight)

(20) 23-50 ton


(28) 30-50 ton


(33) 35-50 ton


(38) 40-50 ton 


Max. pile length and weight
based on excavator reach
and stability. 
 DH-15  DH-25  DH-35  DH-45
Sheet piles     width 400-700 mm
H-beams H180-H500   H180-H700
Precast concrete piles (max)   508 mm x 508 mm
Timber piles Ø 90-150 mm
Tube piles Ø 88.9 - 762 mm   Ø 88.9 - 1200 mm

NOTE! When making the final selection the excavator engine size and hydraulic system design (oil pump arrangement, oil flow rate/pressure etc), excavator lifting capacity and stability and soil and site conditions shall be taken into account.