Movax Oy may collect and process personal data (“Personal data”) from persons (“Data subjects”) representing Movax Oy’s current or potential customer and supplier companies, which are engaged with Movax Oy e.g. using or buying products and services provided by Movax Oy, or selling products or services to Movax Oy (“Business activity”). The data is controlled and processed by Movax Oy for maintaining, analyzing and developing customer and supplier relationships. This processing may include direct marketing, which may be specially tailored for the recipient and the data may also be used for managing user access to Movax Oy’s various services. In addition, Movax Oy may collect and process Personal data from Data subjects in relation to employment, either from Data subjects employed by Movax Oy or for recruitment purposes.

The legal basis for collecting and processing the data is the legitimate business interests pursued by Movax Oy. The primary legitimate reason for collecting the data is the possibility to conduct justified and lawful business according to applicable legislation. The secondary interest is for collecting and processing this data is direct or indirect contractual relationship.

The data can include names of contact people, titles, company names, business addresses, and other contact details such as telephone/mobile phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Usernames and passwords are processed for authentication and authorization. The data may only be accessed by relevant personnel within Movax Oy. The data will be stored for a duration which is relevant for Movax Oy’s business activities or required by applicable legislation. The duration of storage depends on the nature of the Personal data in question.

Movax Oy appreciates the privacy and places the highest priority on protecting the integrity of the data. Movax Oy will support the applicable data subject’s rights at all times. This includes the rights of access to, rectification or correction of, portability or erasure of Personal data. Furthermore, this includes the right to restrict the processing of the Personal data and to object to processing including direct marketing and to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Movax Oy arranges and processes the Personal data collected in the course of the business activities in data files (registry) including customer, supplier and employment related data in three different data files (registries); Additional and more detailed information applicable to each of these data files is available as follows:

Customer data registry description

Supplier data registry description

Employment data registry description

MIMS privacy notice

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