MOVAX Piling Hammers are hydraulic, double acting impact-type, piling hammers utilised for driving load-bearing piles or assisting in sheet pile driving in even the most difficult soil conditions.

MOVAX piling hammers can be utilised to complete a pile installation after reaching refusal with a side grip pile driver or when load testing is required. MOVAX piling hammers can further be utilised independently for driving a wide range of piles including sheet piles, H-beams, tubular steel piles, timber piles or pre-cast concrete piles.


Utilizing the hydraulic power and lifting capacity of the excavator or rail roader. Designed to work on any and all excavators by using and commanding the standard auxiliary hydraulics and/or by connecting to the electronic control of the excavator while maintaining all the original functionality of the excavator.


Available in different models, sizes and configurations for different piling requirements and different type of piles ranging sheet piles and H-beams to tubular steel piles, precast concrete piles and timber piles; and for excavators ranging from 20 (23) to 50 ton – thus always ensuring the optimum size and correct combination of piling hammer and excavator.


The same unit can be mounted directly onto the excavator, onto a MOVAX Multiu-tool piling leader, a third party piling rig or a crane. Due to the modular design the same unit can be used on all carriers with minimum modifications; only the mounting bracket, top cover and lower frame must be selected in accordance with the mounting option.


Flexibility and versatility based on the MOVAX Modular System™ enabling the use of the same unit for a wide range of different piling applications and requirements - and for a wide range of different type of piles, including sheet piles, H-beams, tubular steel piles, precast concrete piles and timber piles – both round and square. Available with tilt & rotation for optimum sheet pile driving, pile handler, etc.


Superior driving capabilities due to the state-of-the art MOVAX Control System leads to the highest possible efficiency, precision and accuracy. Available in two configurations: mControl+ LITE and mControl+ PRO.


Available with the MOVAX MIMS Information Managament System: mFleetManagementTM for monitoring MOVAX piling equipment operation, performance and condition; and mLogbookTM for monitoring and reporting the piling works.




The suitable MOVAX piling hammer-model is selected based on the soil & site conditions, the excavator and the main dimensions (weight & length) of the piles to be driven.
The configuration is then defined by the type of piles.


The excavator must be suitable – and match – the specific piling hammer in question in regards to hydraulic power (oil flow @ pressure) and it must also have the sufficient handling capacity for stable operation. Therefore the excavator brand & model is needed for the correct selection of the MOVAX piling hammer model.


The same MOVAX piling hammer can be used on different type of carriers. The mounting options include excavator-, MOVAX multi-tool piling leader-, (third party) piling rig- or crane. Due to the modular design only minimum modifications are needed to use the same unit on different carriers.


MOVAX piling hammers are suitable for a wide range of site and soil conditions (N-values/SPT). Movax Oy’s engineering department provides support in determining the suitability of a MOVAX piling hammer for a specific project. In order to prepare a detailed analysis a project specific soil report is needed.


In order to select the correct MOVAX model, the type of piles (sheet pile, H-beam, tubular steel pile, precast concrete and/or timber pile) and their dimensions (length, width/depth, OD) are needed. Due to the modular design the same MOVAX piling hammer can used to drive different type of piles.




MOVAX piling hammers are designed for medium to large size crawler or wheeled excavators and utilised for a wide range of piling and foundation applications ranging from civil, road and rail to utilities, environmental & energy and piers & waterways.

MOVAX DH Piling Hammers

MOVAX Piling hammers can be either excavator, MOVAX Multi-tool piling leader, (third party) piling rigor crane mounted. The same unit can be used for multiple piling tasks due to the modular design.

Technical data DH-45 DH-35 DH-25 DH-15
Total weight*
Excavator mounted kg 6700 5750 4 400 (4 700**) 3 500 (3 800**)
MPL-mounted kg 5850 4900 3700 2800
Piling rig-mounted kg 5850 4900 3700 2800
Crane-mounted kg 5850 4900 3700 2800
Ram weight kg 4000 3100 2060 1360
Blows per minute 1/min 0–100 0–100 0–100 0–100
Impact energy kNm 0–45 0–35 0–25 0–15
Drop height m 0–1,2 0–1,2 0–1,2 0–1,2
Pressure relief set max bar 350 350 350 350
Operating pressure bar 280 250 200 150
Oil flow rate l/min 80–120 80–120 80–120 80–120
Tilt angle º +/-15 +/-15 +/-15 +/-15
Rotation angle** º - - +/-60 +/-60
Total height
Excavator mounted mm 4930 4460 4460 3850
MPL-mounted mm 4930 4460 4460 3850
Piling rig-mounted mm 5080 4610 4610 4000
Crane-mounted mm 5080 4610 4610 4000
Frame width mm 650 650 500 500
Transport width mm 1200 1200 1200 1200
Transport depth mm 1870 1870 1870 1870
Excavator class*** t (38) 40–50 (33) 35–50 (28) 30–50 (20) 23–30

* excluding adapter/mounting bracket
** with tilt/rotation device (optional)
*** excavator-mounted only; when MPL-mounted excavator class is determined based on MPL & tooling