MOVAX Piling drills are excavator-mounted, telescopic/kelly bar-type auger drive attachments for cast in-situ (concrete) piling.

MOVAX Piling drills are explicitly designed for soil removal tasks. MOVAX piling drills are especially suitable for work in confined spaces while still being good at reaching over obstacles. The telescopic/ kelly bar design keeps the drill height low and allows working on sites with limited headroom without compromising on drilling depth.


Utilizing the hydraulic power and lifting capacity of the excavator or rail roader. Designed to work on any and all carriers by using and commanding the standard auxiliary hydraulics and/or by connecting to the electronic control of the control of the excavator while maintaining all the original functionality of the excavator.


Heavy duty, kelly-bar-type piling drill with a maximum drilling depth of up to 20 meters. The kelly bar-type piling drills are intended for larger rail roaders and excavators. Optionally equipped with service winch and/or casing adapter.


Lighter weight, telescopic type piling drill with a maximum drilling depth of 9 meters. Primarily intended for rail roaders and smaller excavators.



Versatility based on the MOVAX Modular System™ including a wide range of lead augers in different sizes and for different soil conditions enabling the use of the same unit for a wide range of different piling requirements.

Superior driving capabilities due to the state-of-the art MOVAX Control System leads to the highest possible efficiency, precision and accuracy. Available in two configurations: mControl+ LITE and mControl+ PRO.


Available with the MOVAX MIMS Information Managament System: mFleetManagementTM for monitoring MOVAX piling equipment operation, performance and condition; and mLogbookTM for monitoring and reporting the piling works.




The suitable MOVAX piling hammer-model is selected based on the soil & site conditions, the excavator and the main dimensions (weight & length) of the piles to be driven. The configuration is then defined by the type of piles.


The excavator must be suitable – and match – the specific piling drill in question in regards to hydraulic power (oil flow @ pressure) and it must also have the sufficient handling capacity for stable operation. Therefore the excavator brand & model is needed for the correct selection of the MOVAX drill hammer model.


MOVAX piling drills are the optimum solution for a wide range of soil conditions and the lead auger can be selected for a range of different type of conditions from clay to rock.


In order to select the correct MOVAX piling drill model, the pile and/or casing dimensions (depth/length, diameter) are needed. Due to the modular design the same MOVAX piling drill can be used for a different type of piling works.


MOVAX piling drills are the optimus solutions for a wide range of different type of construction sites – and especially for sites with limited access, space or headroom; for instance when working on the rail roads.




Piling drills

MOVAX piling drills are designed for medium to large size crawler or wheeled excavators and rail roaders and utilised for a wide range of piling and foundation applications ranging from civil, road and rail to utilities, environmental & energy and piers & waterways.

KB - Kelly bar type piling drill

MOVAX KB -piling drills are heavy duty, kelly bar -type piling drills with a maximum piling depth of 20 meters. The KB is intended for larger size excavators and rail roaders.

Technical data KB-70L KB-70S
Drilling depth* m 20 9-15
Weight** kg 6700 5 300-5 800
Height*** mm 5550 4500
Oil flow rate l/min 100–200 100–200
Oil pressure bar 350 350
Hole diameter mm 420–1 500 420–1 500
Drill speed range rpm 10–120 10–120
Side tilt angle ° ±15 ±15
Torque kNm 70 70
Extraction force kN 75 57
Crowd force kN 190 190
Excavator class**** 35–50 (30) 35–50
Lead augers
model clay, rock or heavy duty
outer diameter mm 420-1 500 420-1 500

* drilling depht of KB-70S dependent on length of kelly bar
** excluding adapter and lead auger; weight of KB-70S dependent on length of kelly bar
*** without lead auger
**** excavator either stick or boom mounted; suitability to be checked

TAD telescopic piling drill

MOVAX TAD-piling drills are telescopic piling drills with a maximum piling depth of 9 meters. The TAD is intended for medium to large size excavators and rail roaders.

Technical data TAD-32
Drilling depth* m 9
Weight** kg 3200
Height*** mm 3855
Oil flow rate l/min 75-250
Oil pressure bar 350
Hole diameter mm 400–1 000
Drill speed range rpm 11–74
Side tilt angle ° ±30
Torque kNm 30
Extraction force kN 30
Crowd force kN 15
Excavator class**** 24–35
Lead augers
outer diameter mm 400-1 000