The MOVAX Information Management System (MIMS) provides essential information about the piling process and pile installation (mLogbook) -  and about the MOVAX piling itself (mFleetManagement).

The purpose is to increase the availability of the equipment and to improve the quality of the piling project – and to save time and cost in reporting.

MIMS Hardware

The MOVAX Information Management System (MIMS) hardware (HW) is utilised for data collection, initial data storage and data transfer. The MIMS HW is collecting the data automatically from mControl+. The information is transferred to a cloud based data storage from where it can be accessed through a web-based user interface.

The MIMS HW includes a fully intregrated 3G/GPS-system providing the connectivity and the general location.

MIMS is compatible with third-party global positioning and 3D-systems.

MOVAX Information Management System


mFleetManagement provides basic operational, real-time information about the MOVAX piling equipment and the general global positioning (GPS) data of the MOVAX piling equipment and the excavator it is connected to.

The information can be accessed remotely for adjustment and calibration – and for instance to provide operational guidance and support – and for trouble-shooting and quick problem-solving.

mFleetManagement also provides information for the prediction of maintenance requirements thus enabling preventive maintenance with the intent to maximize the availability of the MOVAX piling equipment.

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mLogbook is a documentation and reporting tool which provides essential data about the piling process and its quality. The data is collected automatically with minimum work by the operator and reported with automatically generated illustrative reports.

Specific reports are generated for MOVAX piling equipment and customised solutions and their associated tooling and piling technologies.

mLogbook includes project overviews, project reports and individual, pile specific reports. The reports can be viewed to the web-based user interface and printed as a pdf or downloaded to MSexcel.

Project overview Project report Pile reports Column stabilisation report