No challenge big enough


The MOVAX way-of-piling is the fastest, the most efficient and versatile, the most precise and accurate as well as the safest piling method in a wide variety of different piling tasks. It is also especially suitable for the most demanding conditions and sites. MOVAX virtually goes where no-one else has gone before. And there is no challenge big or difficult enough for MOVAX to meet.

MOVAX side grip vibratory pile driver was called to action for the most challenging and the only CHS (Circular Hollow Section) foundation installed under a station canopy on the Greater Western Electrification Programme. All the traditional myths were busted by MOVAX: low headroom, limited access, vibration, building restrictions... the list goes on...

MOVAX offers a total solution for RAIL-applications including resonance-free vibratory-type side grip pile drivers, hydraulic impact hammers, telescopic, kelly bar-type piling drills and manipulators.