Mar 15, 2018

A combination of MOVAX side grip pile drivers and  piling hammers provide the optimum solution for driving SSAB’s RR-piles (‘Ruukki piles’). The MOVAX vibratory side grip pile driver is utilized to handle, pitch and drive the RR-pile – without any assisting machinery or additional manpower. When needed the installation is completed with the MOVAX hydraulic double acting drop-type piling hammer. The RR-pile driving process is recorded with the MOVAX Information management System utilizing the mLogbook™ documentation and reporting tool.

The following installation methods are recommended when using MOVAX vibratory side grip pile drivers and MOVAX hydraulic impact-type piling hammers for the installation of RR-piles: “Installation of RR piles with MOVAX piling equipment”. These instructions are based on - and in full compliance with - SSAB’s “RR and RD piles, Design and installation manual”.

For more information contact Lasse Mannola or Mikko Vinkki