MOVAX Rail Solutions

May 19, 2021

MOVAX has a long and proven track record of working on the rail roads with numerous deliveries to customers all around the world. Totally MOVAX has delivered 2000+ units to customers in more than 65 countries with the overall number of deliveries to customers working specifically within the  rail segment exceeding 450. MOVAX can be found on the rails in for instance the UK, Germany, India, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Australia, USA and Canada. Movax Oy also has a strong experience of different type of rail roaders and rail road excavators including for example COLMAR, Atlas, CAT, Volvo and Liebherr.

MOVAX piling equipment provides the optimum, and most productive, solution for the construction of permanent/temporary retaining walls and piled foundations when working on the rail roads, including:

  • general rail construction and rail repair work,
  • construction of underway passages and platforms,
  • construction of piled foundations for electrical overhead lines, traffic signal posts and traffic signs,
  • construction of noise reduction walls etc. as well as,
  • handling of piles and installation of electrical overhead gantries and traffic signal posts

The MOVAX way-of-piling and -handling provides a total solution with optimised logistics, superior handling and pile driving capabilities for all site and soil conditions.  The MOVAX piling and handling equipment is fast, efficient, versatile, accurate-to-operate and inherently safe - and especially suitable when limited space or headroom is available.  MOVAX information management system provides detailed information about the piling process ensuring the highest quality piling and foundation installation. The MOVAX way-of-piling provides the optimum and most comprehensive solution for piling companies working on the tracks.

The comprehensive range of MOVAX piling and foundation equipment includes MOVAX side grip pile drivers with secial solutions for rail such tube arms & tandem bottom clamp for large OD tubes (up to 1220 mm), MOVAX DH hydraulic piling hammers, MOVAX TAD/KB kelly bar type piling drills and MOVAX MPM manipulators for the installation of for instance electrical gantries. All MOVAX piling and foundation equipment is controlled with the advanced MOVAX MCS control system and reporting of the piling and foundation works is done with MOVAX mLogbook-software.

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