Movax precision and accuracy in Poland

Oct 17, 2016

Polish-based KGHM Polish Cooper S.A. is in the process of building the largest Copper Smelter based on flash furnace smelting technology in Europe which also will be one of the largest in the world. With the modern one-stage flash furnace smelting technology, blister copper is produced directly from dried concentrate thus eliminating more than 99% of the environmental pollution.

Polish construction company BODEX bought a MOVAX SG-60 side grip pile driver which was delivered in June 2016. The unit was installed onto a CAT 330F base machine and it is used to drive 8-9 m long sheet piles as trench protection for old pipe and cable installations as well as for renovation and replacement purposes.

The project covers hundreds of kilometers of pipes and cables, installed in to the ground and overhead. Due to the required precision and the space limitations, the MOVAX side grip-technology was the only viable piling method for this demanding project.