MOVAX MPL-300 for Pre-augering in the UK


MOVAX Multi-tool piling leaders are customised solutions available for a wide range of site and soil conditions, and for different types of piles, and piling technologies, including both driven and bored piles – and pre-augering.

The MOVAX multi-tool piling leaders are available with a wide range of tooling including;

  • vibratory pile drivers
  • hydraulic, double-acting impact hammers
  • rotary drives for pre-augering
  • rotary drives for CFA piling

The MOVAX MPL-300 Multi-tool piling leader equipped with a rotary drive for pre-augering is currently available for rental in the UK & Ireland.

For more information please contact: Phillip Bell, Watson & Hillhouse Ltd, +44 1473 748652, phil(at) or Lasse Mannola, Movax Oy, +358 45 604 7944, lasse.mannola(at)