MOVAX Comprehensive rail solutions


MOVAX offers a comprehensive solution covering both driven and bored piles. 

The SG-vibratory pile driver is utilised to fast and efficiently handle and drive tubular piles, as well as sheet piles and/or H-beams. All with the utmost safety.

The DH-piling hammer completes the pile installation when the ground conditions call for it; and/or when it is necessary to identify the pile set.

The TAD-piling drill is used for cast in situ (kelly bar).

The MPM-manipulator provides a fast, precise and accurate method to installation posts, masts and gantries.

All MOVAX Rail piling and handling equipment is controlled with the same control system MCS.

The mLogbook provides detailed information about the piling works, the verticality, depth and when using the MOVAX DH-hammer, also the pile set.

Watch the Movax rail solutions animation here