Modernisation of high voltage pillars in Slovakia

Jul 4, 2016

Slovakian contractor Enza s.r.o , established in 1997, is  working in the field of power engineering especially in construction, stabilization and repairs of mid and high voltage pillars. The company is currently replacing old high voltage pillars with modern pillars across Slovakia.

Enza s.r.o. purchased the MOVAX SG-40 side grip pile driver during the bauma 2016 fair in Munich. The excavator-mounted MOVAX side grip pile drivers are perfectly suited and highly efficient as well as flexible for instance for the construction of retaining walls and cofferdams. The MOVAX side grip pile drivers are especially suitable when limited space or access for the installation is available. Enza s.r.o. is utilizing the MOVAX SG-40 to install sheet piling for temporary cofferdams which are needed for the concrete bases when installing electricity pillars. The size of the cofferdams is 8 m x 8 m in cross sectional area and they are 4 to 6 m deep.