Mar 10, 2020

Today Movax Oy is a part of the Finnish based, family-owned Terra Patris Group. The next generation steps up when Turkka Hirvonen, the son-in-law of the founder Jari Löfroos, takes over from Jari as the Managing Director of the Terra Patris Group. “Our uncompromising commitment to product development and innovation has always been at the core of our growth and success. We have a group of fine companies who operate in the international marketplace. We will continue by believing in ourselves, in our expertise and know-how, and by developing especially the commercial aspects of our businesses”, says Jari. “Turkka has a strong commercial expertise and experience in managing goal-oriented businesses, I am sure that he is the right leader for Terra Patris Group for the future”, Jari concludes. Jari himself will continue as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Terra Patris Group.

 The appoinment is a strong statement of commitment for continuity, continued innovation and entrepeneurship for the long-term future. As a part of the Terra Patris Group, Movax Oy will continue on the journey of innovation, continuous development and improvement for the years to come; by actively and continuosly listening to both partners and customers. The goal is to continue to be the front runner and world leader in innovative excavator mounted piling equipment - now and in the future.

 For more information please contact Lasse Mannola, Managing Director Movax Oy, [email protected], +358 45 604 7944