Feb 22, 2019

MOVAX is all about innovation. Movax Oy is proud to be a part of developing the dike stabilization solution for Dutch JLD.

JLD-Dike Stabilization by JLD Contracting BV based in the Netherlands is a flexible innovation with great potential to meet the “more with less” remit. The JLD-Dike Stabilizer is applied in the inner slope of the dyke and is installed from the inner slope or crest and, therefore, a widening of the relevant dyke is not required in many cases.

Light equipment that has a high production speed is used to install the JLD-Dike Stabilizer. The elements are only positioned at those locations where they are needed. An efficient design can, therefore, be offered. If more stability is required in the future because of any amendments to the standard, additional elements can be installed in the ground. The installation of the JLD-Dike Stabilizer has less of an impact on the environment than piling of sheet pile walls and solutions involving earth filling while a higher production speed can be achieved and, therefore, less inconvenience and pollution can be caused.

See video here

For more information please contact Mikko Lindeman