PLi Systems Inc, located in Hillsboro, Oregon will be the first North American customer to invest in Movax Oy’s innovative resonance-free side grip vibratory pile driver technology. The MOVAX SG-45V side grip pile driver will be commissioned in May 2017. The SG-45V – as all MOVAX SG-V-models - is based on MOVAX Modular System (MMS™) and can thus flexibly be utilized to drive sheet piles and tubular steel piles from 4” to 10” in size.

MOVAX side grip pile drivers are available in two different configurations: fixed eccentric moment (SG-models) and variable eccentric moment (SG-V-models). The variable eccentric vibratory pile driver is already a well proven solution in Europe and several other markets around the world but a new introduction to the North American market.

Disturbances to the surrounding environment can be minimized by operating at high frequencies, typically above 38 Hz, and thus avoiding oscillation at the natural frequencies of the surrounding structures which causes disturbances and potentially damages. MOVAX SG-V-models are high frequency (38-50 Hz) resonance-free vibratory pile drivers which allow starting up and shutting down without vibration. This is achieved by shifting the upper row eccentrics with respect to the lower row eccentrics. The total eccentric moment of the side grip pile driver can thus be varied between 0% and 100%; hence variable eccentric moment. The resonance-free start-up and shutdown means that the SG-V-models are the ideal solution when working in urban areas or in sensitive environments where disturbances to the surrounding structures have to be minimized.

In addition to safer vibration, the SG-V-models also cause less noise. The SG-V-models also enables a faster work-rate and are more comfortable for the operator to use than traditional standard eccentric moment pile drivers.

For more information contact:
Lasse Mannola
+358 45 604 7944