MOVAX pre-augers are excavator-mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering utilised to support MOVAX side grip pile drivers and/or piling hammers in difficult soil conditions.


  • Excavator mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering in soil conditions where vibratory piling is not sufficient enough.
  • Hydraulically operated drive with infinitely variable speed.
  • Vertical movement of the auger drive is utilized with two hydraulic winch drives to enable small bore holes where soil removal is required
  • Controlled with the MOVAX Control System (MCS™).
  • equipped with standard clay auger. Other auger types for various soil conditions available upon request
MOVAX Pre-augers introduction. Watch the video »


MOVAX pre-augers are the optimum solution for supporting vibratory pile driving (and impact driving) in difficult or demanding soil conditions. MOVAX pre-augers are especially suitable when constructing temporary retaining walls and cofferdams.

MOVAX excavator-mounted pre-augers are the perfect solution for loosening ground soil and enable easier and faster pile driving: augering is done to the required pile depth and reversed without removing soil from the ground.

MOVAX pre-augers can be utilised flexibly together with MOVAX’s excavator-mounted side grip pile drivers and piling hammers – all controlled with the same MOVAX Controls System for ease-of-operation.

MOVAX Pre-augers are easy, fast and flexible to operate.


  • Suitable for different site conditions also for sites with limited headroom
  • Efficient pre-augering
  • Precise and accurate pre-augering
  • Excellent reach
  • Easy-to-mount and effortless and fast to operate
  • Easy-to-service
  • Simple & strong design, designed for long continuous operation, constructed using quality materials and parts