• Hydraulic, double-acting impact hammer
  • Excavator, MOVAX multi-tool piling leader, piling rig or crane mounted
  • Excavator mounted
    • incorporates a 1.3 m leader
    • standard mounting with pin adapter (tilt +/-15°, no rotation)
    •  Available with optional bolt-on-plate mounted rotation device (tilt +/-15°, rotation +/- 60°).
  • MOVAX multi-tool piling leader mounted
    • incorporates a 1.3 m leader
  • Available with drive caps for a range of different pile sections
  • Available with pile handler
  • Controlled with the MOVAX Control System (MCS™)
  • Available with the MOVAX Information Management System (MIMS™)

Technical data

Excavator mountedExcavator leader-mountedPiling rig mountedCrane mounted
with tilt devicekg4400370037003700
with tilt+rotation devicekg4700N/AN/AN/A
Ram weightkg2060206020602060
Impact energykNm0-250-250-250-25
Drop heightm0-1,20-1,20-1,20-1,2
Pressure reliefbar350350350350
Operating pressurebar200200200200
Oil flow ratel/min120120120120
Tilt angle°+/- 15N/AN/AN/A
Rotation angle°+/- 60N/AN/AN/A
Total heightmm4460446046104610
Frame widthmm500500500500
Transport widthmm1200120012001200
Transport depthmm1870187018701870
Excavator class30-50 ton35–50 ton

Excavator size class
25-40 tons