mLogbook, which is the first of the mPiling Management data suite tools, is a documentation and reporting tool which provides essential data related to the piling process.

The piling information collected by the MOVAX Control System is stored in the MOVAX Control System’s excavator module. To report the piling works the operator only has to input the pile number, the system will take care of the rest. The data is then copied onto a USB-memory drive and transferred to a PC equipped with the M-logbook software for further analysis. Data concerning site and pile information is added and the system will generate illustrative, ready-made reports - including both measured and calculated data - which provide essential information about the piling process and its quality.

Specific reports are generated for MOVAX piling equipment including MOVAX side grip pile drivers and MOVAX piling hammers. The MOVAX side grip pile driver report includes information about the verticality and penetration rate whereas the MOVAX piling hammer report includes information related to the load bearing capacity of the pile.

mLogbook requires MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto.