mFLEET Management is a part of the innovative MOVAX INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (MIMS). The mFLEET Management consists of the required hardware for data collection and transfer, and a set of data suites which provide essential information about the operation, performance and condition of the MOVAX piling equipment. The mFLEET Management is further designed to assist in troubleshooting, diagnostics and analysis as well as for fast and efficient customer technical support.


The mFLEET Management hardware, installed onto the excavator (or other carrier), and connected to the MOVAX Control System, includes the following:

  • MOVAX remote module (MRM) with GPS and 3G-antennas
  • Cabling, connectors etc
  • Mounting kit

The MOVAX remote module comes with a fully integrated 3G/GPS-system providing the remote connection as well as the location of the excavator (or other carrier) and MOVAX piling equipment (GPS). The MOVAX remote module, including the 3G/GPSantenna, is installed on the excavator. The system will automatically recognize the specific MOVAX piling equipment connected to the carrier and collect the data accordingly. The information is sent to and stored in the MOVAX mCLOUD data storage. The mFLEET Management is fully compatible with all MOVAX Control Systems, MCS Pro+auto, MCS Pro and MCS Lite.


The information stored in the mCLOUD data storage is accessed through a web-based user interface. The information is presented in a set of ready prepared reports. The following data suites are available (with an individual software license for each data suite):


The mFLEET Operation Management-data suite provides basic operational information about the MOVAX piling equipment as well as the global positioning data of the MOVAX piling equipment and the excavator (or carrier) it is connected to. The operational information, including operational and service hours, rpms/frequencies, pressures etc, is presented in an easy-toview format and the time to be reviewed can be selected flexibly. The mFLEET Operation Management includes further the tools & reports utilised for analysis and more detailed diagnostics.


The mFLEET Performance Management-data suite provides more detailed information about the performance and efficiency of the MOVAX piling equipment.


The mFLEET Maintenance Management-data suite provides a more detailed view of the condition of the MOVAX piling equipment. The information is used to monitor the condition of the MOVAX piling equipment and its critical parts and components for preventive maintenance purposes.