From ideas and innovations

In the early 1990´s piling was an becoming an increasingly utilized working method at construction sites. There was a real need for a faster and more efficient way to install piles. At that time MOVAX started to develop the side grip technology with the objective to meet the specific demands of customers and job sites. The first MOVAX side grip pile driver was commissioned in 1993. In order to obtain the highest possible efficiency from the side grip technology it was from early-on clear that more advanced steering was necessary. The first version of Auto-steering for hydraulic excavators was introduced by MOVAX in 1996.

through continuous development and strong commitment

MOVAX has always had a strong commitment in developing its products and services. And throughout the years, the product family has grown to include several different side grip pile driver models as well as other excavator-mounted accessories such as piling hammers and piling drills. Through continuous development also the control system – MOVAX Controls System (MCS) – has become more intelligent, easy-to-operate, flexible and reliable and more so meeting the ever growing needs of customers. The aim is and has always been to fulfill the demands of the customers as well as those of the job sites. In fact, Movax product development always starts at a job site. That is why the end results have also proved to be working extremely well in real life, at the job sites.

for the success of our customers

MOVAX’s extensive investments to Research and Development as well as in continuously improving the Production has truly resulted in success. This positive outcome can be seen in many totally new and value-adding products and patents. Today MOVAX’s products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world. The MOVAX® brand is registered worldwide and is well known as one the most innovative tool in piling increasing productivity and saving costs.

Major milestones

Established in Hämeenlinna, Finland1993
1st side grip pile driver1994
1st autosteering for hydraulic excavator1996-1997
Terra Patris Group main owner2006
New factory in Hämeenlinna2006
Intoduction of MOVAX Lite-product line2009-2010
ISO 9001 certificate2009
Introduction of TAD-soil drills2010
700th delivery2011
1st new generation side grip (SG) pile driver2011
Introduction of variable eccentric momentside-grip pile drivers2012-2013
800th delivery2013
Introduction of MCS lite & pro control systems2014
900th delivery2014
Introduction of DH-piling hammers2015
1000th delivery2015
Introduction of DH-piling hammers2015
Introduction of Excavator-mounted leader mast-system2016
M-loogbook™ for MCS Pro2016