• Excavator mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering in soil conditions where vibratory piling is not sufficient enough.
  • Hydraulically operated drive with 2 speeds; high speed-low torque and low speed-high torque.
  • Automatic kick-down function to change between speed ranges based on load of the drive.
  • Hydraulically operated locking mechanism to allow free movement of the drive in soil conditions, where pressing force is not required.
  • Controlled with the MOVAX Control System (MCS™).
  • Available with the MOVAX Information Management System (MIMS™).

Technical data

Weight with standard auger (excl. adapter)kg2400
Height w/o augermm9966
Oil flow ratel/min180
Operating pressurebar205
Tilt angle°+/- 8
Depth w/o adaptermm1000
Drilling depth, 25-30tmup to 8
Drilling depth, 30-35tmup to 12
Drilling speed (low torque)Nm20
Drilling speed (high torque)Nm17
Maximum torqueNm30000
Crowd forcekN130
Retraction forcekN140

Excavator size class
25-35 tons