• Excavator-mounted Multi-tool piling leader
  • Piling equipment (tooling) alternatives include vibratory pile driver, hydraulic hammer, rotary drives for drilled piles and pre-augering
  • Suitable for a wide range of piling application, including impact driven micro piles,drilled micro piles (DTH), vibro driven piles and bored piles.
  • Effective pile length six (6) meters (driven piles per single pile section)
  • Excavator mounting options: chassis, boom or stick (note! mounting affects suitable excavator class)
  • Designed to work on a standard excavator with normal auxiliary and bucket hydraulics. All leader related hydraulics are integrated onto the leader itself.
  • The leader can easily fast and flexibly be attached and detached enabling other usage of the excavator.
  • The Multi-tool piling leader and the tooling is operated with the MOVAX Control System, MCS ProL, which allows the operator to control all leader and tooling operations by commanding the auxiliary and bucket hydraulics of the excavator.

Technical data

Weight (excl. adapter)kg1800
Feed speedm/s19
Travel, max.m5650
Side tilt, left/right°+/- 15
Side shiftmm127
Pull forcekN24
Crowd forcekN16

Suitable piles

Types and dimensions

H-beamsizeup to 200
Tubular pile, tubesmmup to 220