MOVAX Modular System

MOVAX side grip pile drivers are capable of taking care of the entire piling process from handling, pitching and driving to exctracting piles without the need of manual handling or assisting machinery and personnel. Due to the MOVAX Modular System (MMS™) - with interchangeable arms, clamps and pads - the same side grip pile driver can furthermore be utilised to handle a wide range of different type of piles ranging from sheet piles, tube piles and H- beams to timber piles.

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1. Pads
2. Tube pile clamps*
3. Sheet pile clamps*
4. Timber pile clamps*
5. Sheet pile arms
6. Modular arms
7. Tubular pile arms
8. Adapters
9. 4th jaw
10. Bottom clamp
11. Pads
*for modular arms