New modular Heavy Duty SG-65 AR & SG-75 TR vibro hammers

Sep 23, 2013

Movax has released completely new heavy duty series of side-grip vibratory hammers to suit 28 – 40 ton excavators at Maxpo 2013 expo. Along SG-65 AR & SG-75 TR models comes various clamping possibilities of modular side-grip now also available in heavy duty range. Thanks to rigid construction, pile weight / length limits are increased compared with former models. Vibration is delivered effectively into pile, because of optimized arm geometry. Advanced lubrication system enables long continuous driving periods and extended bearing life.

Customer can select side grip arms for sheet piles and H-beams or tube driving arms with specific diameter. In case a contractor needs to drive various different piles the modular arms would be the right choice. This option allows changing from sheet, H-, tubular or timber pile within 1 hour setup time.

SG-75 TR with it’s 7,6 kgm eccentric moment and 750 kN centrifugal force is one of the strongest excavator mounted vibros on the market. It can be still powered from standard hammer hydraulics of most 33-40 ton excavators. Serial production has already started with standard high frequency models and later on will follow also variable moment versions. Former SP- and SPH-series side-grip vibros are still available on special request, but delivery time for those are longer than before.