About us

Movax Oy is a Finnish, privately-owned company, established in 1993, which specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of excavator-mounted piling equipment with automatic steering under the registered trademark MOVAX®. Movax Oy, which is part of the Terra Patris Group, is located in Hämeenlinna, Finland and is represented by a network of partners all over the world.

MOVAX piling equipment is the most efficient and cost effective solution for a wide range of piling requirements and a variety of site conditions ranging from the largest construction sites to small landscaping jobs – also in the most demanding conditions when a high-degree of precision is required, in sensitive environments and when limited space or access is available. Movax’s comprehensive range of piling equipment includes PILE DRIVERS, PILING HAMMERS and PILING DRILLS. In addition Movax develops and manufactures MANIPULATORS for handling purposes. All MOVAX piling and handling equipment is controlled with the state-of-the-art MOVAX Control System (MCS). 

Movax is strongly committed to continuously develop its products and services, and Movax is today the world’s leading developer of excavator-mounted side grip pile driving technology. Movax has several patents and its trademark is registered all over the world.

With more than 1,500 units delivered - to more than 50 countries, on six continents – Movax is a proven supplier of innovative piling equipment.



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1,500+ units delivered, to > 50 countries on 6 continents


MOVAX is all about improving productivity and enabling our customers to be faster, more flexible and more efficient, but mostly to save our customers both time and money. All at the highest quality - without any compromises in safety.

“Productivity through Innovation” stands also for being aware of our customers needs and the requirements at the jobsites. At MOVAX this means intensive investments in Research & Development and Quality. Our aim is to base all our development work on the information we get from our customers and their practical experience from the real life jobsites. “Knowing is better than believing” is our motto when we are developing new products and solutions for our customers, in close co-operation with our customers. Movax product development always starts at the job site.